Fll city shaper missions

Fll city shaper missions

Watch the challenge release. With the guidance of two or more coaches, teams members, grades apply science, technology, engineering, and math STEM concepts to solve a real-world problem. Along their journey, students develop critical-thinking and team-building skills, build STEM self-confidence, and gain valuable perspective on the importance of failure in the learning process.

A team is students, ageswilling to take on any job to help their team succeed lots of jobs available for all skill levels and interests. Two or more adult coaches to guide the team through discovery and the competition season. Once your team is registered, you have a wealth of information at your fingertips in our Resource Library. We give you a head start by announcing the theme months ahead of time — so you can begin researching with your team.

Once the Challenge is released Augustteams will receive season-specific information, including Team Meeting Guides and Engineering Notebooks.


There are many fundraising opportunities and grants available for teams who need extra help. Students will observe how cities and buildings grow, thrive, and change. Learn More. What Makes a Team? Then What Happens? What Does it Cost? Helping students understand that their future does not have to look like their present is extremely important to me as an educator.

Learn more at firstinspires.We found that this design principle can inspire creative designs of FLL robots or attachments. Hope this EV3 robot design principle inspire you creating cool attachments also. And please leave your feedback and suggestions. If a model is too small, try to make the attachment big or make a model big. This is one of useful FLL robot design principles. To achieve high points for the treehouse mission, put all three blue units on the small branches.

It will yield 45 points, as shown on the left side of the featured image. We tried to design and build attachments to place three blues stacked onto the small branches.

It was difficult for us to build an attachment for our robot to complete this mission. We stuck and had to find a new way. Eventually, we figured out that it was possible to put all three blue units on top of a white unit, as shown on the right side of the featured image.

It is even better since the white unit will yield 15 points, that is, the treehouse mission could bring in 60 points in total. By making the target model bigger, it was much easier for us to build an attachment to handle.

We built an attachment as shown below:. We learned that if we stuck, we need to think and try differently. Skip to content. Contents hide. Front View. Side View. With units loaded, the attachment looks like this:. Loaded Attachment. Tags: DesignStrategy.

fll city shaper missions

Song 29 Dec Thank you for your detailed explanation of the design principle. Terry 11 Jan The detail is awesome it gives a lot of ideas of making the attachment better thank you.

Close Menu.It will take a single person many hours to complete a Challenge Set. With a team, the work can be divided among many people. Working with a team can not only make for light work, it can also help decrease the margin of error. Bag Search for: Search. Before you begin… Make sure to take your time!

Make sure to grab all parts listed in the top left corner of each step. Remember — when grabbing parts, make sure that you take note of the color and length that it calls for. Organizing beams, axles, and other elements by length, can help decrease error margin and can sometimes help save time.

fll city shaper missions

Watch for pictures of what you are building. There may be assemblies or sub-assemblies that need to be built more than once and will include a 1x, 2x, 3x… etc. This is different than in years past and is important to note.

Make sure to orient the model to mimic the view shown in that step. They are purely here as a fun addition for teams. After building the Bridge Entrance, place this to the side. We have a cool trick to show you in the future. This is the first of three for this model and was done purposefully. Please note this for all three as it will help with the assembly of the model later.

It is important to note that at the end of building the contents of bag one, you will have some spare axles. Hold on to these, as you may need them for practice setup. It is also important to note that an update has been made to the building instructions this year that includes the new build of the drone.

Please visit our website to make sure you have the latest copy of the build instructions! The correct way to build the Drone is shown below, and the building instructions have now been revised to show this. There are two bags filled with pins and other pin-like connectors.Timer: You can save your scores to a Google Spreadsheet.

FLL City Shaper - 370 Points - Practice Run

This helps you keep track of progress over the season. See instructions at the bottom of the page. The key steps to using the save system are: 1. Sign in to your Google account. You may get a "This app isn't verified" warning. If you have not created a spreadsheet in the past - click "Create New Spreadsheet" 3. If you have created a spreadsheet in the past, make sure that the Google Sheet ID field is filled and not "undefined".

If you wish to share a spreadsheet between devices, you need to enter this ID manually. Any time you want to save a score, click "Save Score" - this will update the spreadsheet with the current score and date 5. If you wish to inspect your spreadsheet and edit it, click on "Open Google Spreadsheet". Team :. Round :. Timer: Start Reset Stop. Stopwatch: Sign in to Sign out of see languages. Load Save:. Google saving system is incompatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer.

You can either switch to another browser or continue by using the legacy saving system click above. Save Score Load Save:. Scorer Timers Saves. Points 0. Points : 0. JavaScript is either disabled or not supported in your browser. Please enable to use this site.As each year we are not releasing any "solutions" until the season ends.

As mentors, there are some directions we could give. As a team, you could learn from our tutorials and building instructions and develop your own solutions to the missions. When you do, send us some pictures and videos :. A very good description of the missions could be found at the first lego league site.

Team Information for City Shaper Season

What we could do as mentors, is to help with directions and questions based on experience and tutorials from previous years. We plan to update the page a few more times during the season, so check for updates from time to time.

The complete guide before proceeding to the resources below. This will give you a much deeper and better understanding of the references that we are making. With a subscription for all the team members, students could move together through the courses, building instructions and programs while the mentor tracks the programs and navigates them.

If your attachment pushes the second lever and the second flag is raised, you will have 50 points. If you are aiming only for 20 points, you can just park your robot on the bridge. However, since it is easy to park it ontop of the lever for the flag, it is an easy way to gain 15 points.

Building instructions 1 Building instructions 2 Mission rules. With this the crane will be rotated to the correct angle that the blue building is positioned above the blue circle. It is easy to push the other blue building to the blue circle and then lift the crane lever to lower the house. Building instructions 1 Building instructions 2 Building instructions 3 Mission rules. Fllcasts Tip: The best solution is to lift the drone and hang it directly on the bridge axle while the robot is in the area.

You can do that while you are in the area for the Crane Mission Fllcasts Tip: It will be a good idea to accomplish this mission while you are solving Inspection drone Mission Your attachment will be complicated but it will pay off as you won't need to go back to the base to load the Bat. The two missions are similar because you are hanging a loop on a structure.

Fllcasts Tip: Using an attachment that holds all the structures you wish to lay on the tree is priceless.

fll city shaper missions

Also, align the robot to the tree base to unload the structures.FLL National Registration. Struggling to Find a Team? We have a new tool to help individuals find each other to form a team!

It is called TeamUP. Please remember to set your annual team budget accordingly. This year teams were asked to: Identify a problem with a building or public space in your community. Design a solution. Share your solution with others and then refine it. Coaches and team members have 2 forms to complete on 2 separate websites:.

National Paper Consent Forms only complete if digital are not possible :. English - HERE. Spanish - HERE. Illinois Consent Forms. Illinois Consent Forms English Can be completed digitally or printed. Illinois Consent Forms Directions:. Coaches are required to ensure the completion of these forms for all team members including adult team members online prior to arriving at the tournament and should submit the consent report during their on-site registration.

Paper consent forms can be turned in during registration for any participant not included in the online consent report, if necessary.

Showing the screen capture of signed consents list or the Coach verbally confirming all consents were completed online will be adequate. Ultimately the Coaches are responsible for ensuring all consents are completed before student participation in the Qualifier.

Teams not in compliance can be reprimanded up to and including loss of participation in the event, awards or advancements. Please consider this when making plans for your teams. Because the dates will be so limited, we will be asking teams to select 4 Qualifiers they are able to attend instead of 3 in seasons past.

Well, that's because it is! The mat for the robot game is shorter this year, but table size is unchanged. Those who have seen the game and mat have described the mat as feeling more plastic-like than fabric-like in season's past and there is a lot of hope that these new mats will perform better lay flatter, less friction, etc. We will see! We are excited about this fact, but we are also concerned about the physical and mental safety of attendees at our FIRST events.

Building Instructions

Therefore, we are asking that any gun props be kindly left at home, sorry Storm Troopers!NOTE: This a long page with many resources. Be sure to scroll all the way down! Click on any article title to open it as a separate page! We'd love to hear how you are using our tools! Please send us a pic or 2 and one or two sentences of your team using our resources!

You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Scroll down for lots of resources. Get them now! In practice you can print either by choosing fit to page or margins when printing.

Some stores have refused to print our documents based on corporate copyright policy. However, the documents below do not fall under the policy. They do not have to obtain advance permission or provide advance notice to FIRST, but as noted, they are not permitted to use the logos. Mnay of the files below are in Acrobat format PDF for high quality reproduction. So many programs now exist to read PDF's and most do not print them well.

Be sure to uncheck all optional offers.

fll city shaper missions

Neither are available electronically. They ship in a separate box from your field kit. Our Challenge Methodology. It's time to start sharing your program with your parents, friends, community, and sponsors. FIRST created a beatiful info-graphic, however, it cannot be easily printed unless you have access to a large format banner printer.

The document size is 14" x 60" which doesn't translate into any standard size which is why we cut it up for our PPT. But you can download the full poster here:.

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